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Damn…. I’ve been certainly missing out on tumblr.

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melanieselestasims asked: Stopping by to tell you I love your sims, but I want to know more! List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ♥

Well firstly Alana is my favorite ever so I will do her.

1: Alana is fluent in 5 languages (English, Italian, Albanian, French and Spanish) and is trying to learn Arabic, however Miraj frustrates her and she doesn’t have time for his need for perfection.

2: She is a very talented dancer. Because she has trouble with restlessness her mother signed her up for dance at the age of 4. Alana has learned ballet, jazz, Latin, ballroom, and hip hop and eventhough she excels in those fields she has no desire perusing dance as a career.

3: She is a virgin.

4: Alana is deeply loved by

5: She is brutally honest. Alana will not sugarcoat anything just to make someone feel better.

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Anonimo asked: I think you and your partner should have finished about 5 episodes of HG before you put it out. I feel like i've been waiting for a year just for the next episode. I think you should finished about 4 or 5 episodes each time and then just post one every month or so. Otherwise, you will get caught up with trying to make a new episode (which takes a long time) and more fans will both you and your partner about it.

Thanks for the useful input, however no, that’s not going to work for us. In the past (2010-2011) we’ve recorded the entire first season of HG and lost the episodes due to computers breaking, loosing back ups and etcetera. The way we are doing things at the moment works for us. We are always learning new techniques that makes each chapter better than the one before. Also HG isn’t a series that is like 10 minutes long, it is estimated to be 25+ minutes long. So I don’t know about you but to get that amount of footage is like 500-800 clips of footage per chapter so if you multiply that by 5 chapters you are looking at a lot.

Now I do understand the frustration and we honestly can sympathize with that but we’re not going to put trash out (it’s quality you want not quantity.), if we did it’ll badly represent us as the creators.
I personally understand supply and demand but I’m not getting paid to do this, it’s just a hobby that I take so much pride in. We don’t have a production team; we’re simply 2 girls who do what they can when they can.

So please don’t take my response as being sour because I definitely understand what you mean. I just don’t see that working for us.

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diamondlovessushi asked: If i may ask whered did you get alana hair at? Btw i like your blog:)


Here luv

Thank you for liking my blog, normally I would respond to asks privately but I want to put this under my WCIF’s for others to find the hair as well.

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melanieselestasims asked: Name two things you like about yourself, then pass it on to the first ten people on your dash. #TeamSelfEsteem. I hope you have a great day!
  1. I have really positive outlooks on life.
  2. My skin tans beautifully and never burns.
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reckless-sims replied to your post: like seriously wtf is going on with my…


its not doing what yours did before tho, its not freezing and having to be restarted. I just think I am going to need to get the wire with the screw things attached to it and attach it to my TV.

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brittanyyxo-sims replied to your post: like seriously wtf is going on with my…

Your tv is your computer or your computer is like a tv? Omgggg I needs but noooo :[[

My pc didn’t come with a monitor and the touch screen pc I usually used as the monitor before isn’t working anymore so…. I had to hook it up to my television.

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like seriously wtf is going on with my computer?

like seriously wtf is going on with my computer?

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Anonimo asked: Why don't you answer asks? I've sent several WCIF's and you never answered.

Perhaps your messages are lost within my inbox and eventually I will get to answering them. Honest I’m not doing this on purpose but I answer what I see first.

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Anonimo asked: wot do yu look like?

I’ve shown my face plenty of times already

Someone’s ready to checkout

Someone’s ready to checkout

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Natasha Lockhart
She’s having fun playing onset

Natasha Lockhart

She’s having fun playing onset

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Anonimo asked: Why are you two girls so amazing? I'm patiently waiting for chapter 2 but I will watch chapter 1 again until the new one arrives. I just love Alana she's so pretty. I noticed in the intro there were 6 girls when will the missing girl be shown?

Honestly because of people like you. We’re working on finishing the 2nd chapter (these things take time) but it’s definitely worth the wait.

Thanks for thinking Alana is pretty because I don’t think she is at all lol, I am constantly tweaking her, the only thing I am satisfied with is her skintone and body shape but her face makes me devilishly ill.

Nozomi will be introduced in this upcoming chapter too. :D

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Anonimo asked: Alana is so beautiful what contacts do you use for her?

Here you go luv

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