Anonimo ha chiesto: Hello I was in Blender creating anims 1st time as well and I noticed the female's whole face turned literally black. Is there possibly a way to help? I dont have a tumblr so as you said a while ago, i'm unable to privately msg you if youre uncomfortable sharing this publicly

Hi my love. Have you tried pressing ctrl+z to go back? This has happened to me several times and I usually just start over.

If anyone can help with this question feel free to comment on  this.

Anonimo ha chiesto: but what is your favorite songs to listen to

Here are the songs I can’t go a day without listening to.

1. Weilak - Joseph Attieh

2. Pike ne jete - Eton feat Kaltrina Selimi

3, Tous les mêmes- Stromae

4. Midnight lover - Kisses

Of course there are more songs but I really don’t feel like listing them all.

Anonimo ha chiesto: ur my favourite simblr okay?

And I love you kk????

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Anonimo ha chiesto: i think miraje is gay and thats y he dont sleep with hiss girlfriend.