Anonimo ha chiesto: Pleasee take some more pics of Salvatore!

I will definitely take pictures of Salvatore along with his twin Santino. Yes their parents had two sets of twins.

Anonimo ha chiesto: Has Ryan cheated on Rachel with many women?

No…. Ryan (before the situation with Elli) has always been faithful to Rachel.  He’s been down that road with Rachel though ( She cheated before) which resulted in him reacting the way he did (the headbutt).

Anonimo ha chiesto: Are you like self-conscious of making a sim series? I ask because I'm only 15 and when people ask what I write for, my answer, it's completely different from what I'm actually doing. You know, I just feel kind of self-conscious about it but I really enjoy it. Any advice?

My advise to you is be proud of your work. I used to be embarrassed to tell people what I spend hours upon hours writing until I showed a college English professor a script of mine and he telling me to pursue it. Be proud my love be proud of it.

Anonimo ha chiesto: Just a few questions: 1. Do you use cc magic? 2. Do you use simpacks and packages? 3. Does it crash at all? 4. Do you recommend it? and 5. Would you ever consider doing a tutorial on how to use it? I've read all of the tutorials but I rather learn from someone I trust and understand using their voices.

Come off anon bb and I could explain as best as possible to you directly. I never publicly post tutorials.

However I am not the best person to take advice from but I am willing to help you however way possible.

simofthecentury replied to your post: So many people are doing this ice wate…

I’d donate to it if I could… I thought it was that you do the challenge or donate, though.

saiyuriisroguesims replied to your post: So many people are doing this ice wate…

I have a ton of friends doing it and they are donating, I wont do it bc I Don’t have the money to donate :(

I mean if you do not have it, you don’t have it. Can’t give something you can’t afford to give to. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I was merely speaking aloud about my friends who are doing it just because everyone else is doing it. This was directed to my fb friends lol. None of this is directed  to my simblr luvvies.

Anonimo ha chiesto: I noticed you mentioned using a different combination of animations and poses. Is it possible to use an animation and a pose at the same time?

On one sim? No, they’d only follow one command at a time. But if you want one sim to pose while the other one uses an animation, sure.

Anonimo ha chiesto: Can I come to your house too? Kidding krissy



Anonimo ha chiesto: Hey bb I have a question. I seen one of your poses. It was Riley sitting down on Ben in the video's intro and I seen a pose that looked very similar and I was just wondering, is it possible to make animations from a pose that you've downloaded or do you have to do it from scratch? Thanks very much for answering

Those were two different animations used (when she was sitting on Ben)… It’s all about angles hon hahaha. However yes it is possible to make animations out of a pose, I don’t recommend doing that. Its best to make them from scratch (pride speaking).

"What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal. -Albert Pike"

Anonimo ha chiesto: Where do you get your sims scarfs love?

Come off anon and I’ll tell you bb